Welcome to Six Scents Dot Com Version 2.0!!

December 22, 2015

So glad you could find us, and thank you for your continued patronage in spite of our web site being down the last few months (as we were hard at work on this new one).

Version 2.0 features many dramatic improvements:

  • For starters, it is no longer annoyingly Flash based (we hate that technology too)
  • Its super minimal design is easy and super-intuitive to navigate around
  • It contains ALL of our collaborative artwork, films, installation history, and of course plenty of information about each of our many award winning fragrances, all in one place
  • We made it easy to find your perfect scent.  Find it by its name, the collection it was in, the designer that envisioned it, the perfumer that rendered it, or the general type of fragrance you gravitate towards (i.e. green, amber, floral, etc)

Besides this newly improved site, we have a big surprise coming down the pipeline in the beginning of 2016.  And later in the year we will finally re-release ALL of our prior limited edition fragrances in new, fresh packaging and with boosted concentrations, for permanent sale.  So please stay tuned or sign up for our newsletter (yet another improvement) and we'll keep YOU posted. 

Warmest thanks,

Joseph Quartana