CA FLEURE BON: New Fragrance: Parfums Quartana Les Potions Fatales (Joseph Quartana X Symrise) + Pick Your Poison Draw

June 02, 2016

Fragrance Foundation Award winning Creative Director Joseph Quartana  who has been highly praised for Six Scents is launching  Les Potions Fatales a new collection of perfumes that explore the treacherous beauty and intriguing lore behind nine of the world’s most poisonous flowers; fragrant Femme Fatales and Homme Fatales that are alluring to behold but ultimately dark, sinister and even deadly. Les Potions Fatales was  two years in the making  a collaboration  with  accomplished noses (very much in the manner of Six Scents but with Symrise). The nine fragrances take their name from blooms that if ingested are deadly: Venetian Belladonna,  Bloodflower,  Midnight Datura, Digitalis, Hemlock,  Lily  of  the  Valley,  Mandrake,  Poppy  Soma, and Wolfsbane.