Introducing Les Potions Fatales by Parfums Quartana

June 01, 2016

If you haven't noticed yet, we've launched a new brand under the Six Scents Parfums umbrella called Parfums Quartana with its debut collection, Les Potions Fatales.  Each of the nine perfumes is based on an infamous poison flower used for murder, suicide, or magic rite.  The guiding principle behind its development was the concept of the femme-fatale (or homme-fatale, if you will), seemingly beautiful on the outside but actually dark, twisted and deadly.  

These were perfected over the course of 2.5 years with the master noses at Symrise, so you can rest assured they feature the BEST oils available on the market, but developed responsibly, so that means NO pollution, only fair-trade arrangements, AND absolutely no animal testing.  We are proudly green and cruelty-free!

As usual a portion of sales proceeds will benefit a charity; this time around it is the American Association of Poison Control Centers ( whose operations rely entirely on donations.  They basically save children from accidental poisonings and actually saved THIS author's life on one occasion when I was 3 and ate an entire box of vitamins!  

The box and bottle artwork was done by Aerosyn Lex Mestrovic, ( and is based on the concept of aposematism, which is when organisms signal that they are toxic through bright colors and bold patterns on their skin.  


  • When will they be available for purchase?  We are aiming for a September 2016 delivery.  There have been a few production delays but otherwise it is going well.
  • Where were they developed?  As we created them with Symrise, they were perfected in their laboratories in either New York or Paris.  
  • Where are they manufactured?  New York City.
  • Where can I buy them near where I live?  Please consult our stockist list which we aim to keep updated and accurate; but you can always just purchase off of our website as we do ship globally.
  • Why not just release Les Potions Fatales under Six Scents?  We created Parfums Quartana as it differs from Six Scents in that it explores singular concepts in perfumery (in this case, poison flowers) whereas Six Scents has always been a fashion designer/perfumer collaboration.
  • What will happen to Six Scents then?  It will live on of course!  We plan to reissue all our older fragrances in new packaging as a next step.
  • Can I try before I buy?  Absolutely!  In fact, we encourage this!  You can purchase a single 2mL to test drive on any of our product pages or the entire collection of Les Potions Fatales in 2mL sizing with our "Les Petites Morts" Discovery pack here with free shipping to the USA. We are thinking to offer a discount coupon for a full size to anyone who purchases a sample.  
  • Will you release them in 100mL?  For the moment we only have plans to release them in 50mL or 2mL sample size.  The 50mL last a few months with normal usage and the 2mL approximately 1 - 2 weeks.

There is an enormous amount of thanks due here in helping to make this undertaking a reality.  So in no particular order, a big thanks to Levi Pharaoh, Phillip Leff, David Uzzardi, Alexandra Carlin, Carlos J. Vinals, Christelle Laprade, David Apel, Emilie Coppermann, Lisa Fleischmann, Nathalie Benareau, Philippe Paparella-Paris, Pierre Constantin-Gueros, Erin Parsons, Micaela Silberstein, Rob Barriales, Neil Francis Dawson, Lisa Nguyen, JP Moraga, Anne Koch, Lauren Bahr, Charles Billot, Todd Sines, Jenny McLawhorn, Motoki Ito, Stephen Kominski, Beth Copes, Jordan Lieb, Scott Milton, Gavin Russom, Sasa Crnobrjna, Penelope Louise, Stephen Eerik, Michael Simonetti, Lauren Dillard, Lauren Flax, Cody Critcheloe, Jacob Valdemar, Ben Hedlund, Geoffrey Payton, Gregor Vidzer, Sebastian Schmidt, Stefania Giannino, Massimo Nobile, Andrius Remisevskis, Laura Zelzyte, Reza Bahadori, Marc Gunn, Hector Meza, Eddie Brannan, Jennifer Stevens, Jose Castillo, Mindy Yang, Chris Habana, Ian Drew, Michelyn Camen, Claudia Uzzardi, Clement Pinard, Tom Meola, Jamie Johnsen, Craig Tilford, and Michael Zodorozny.

And an especially huge thanks to Lamae Capares, Aerosyn Lex Mestrovic, Rhona Stokols, Sophie Bensamou, Darryl Do, Joseph Uzzardi, and Sophie Na.

I sincerely hope you like!

Joseph Quartana