PERFUME POSSE: Best Winter Perfumes 2017

January 26, 2017

We just wrapped up that Best of 2016, but it’s 2017 now and time for our Best Winter Perfumes.  Make sure to check out Grain de Musc, Bois de Jasmin, The Non-Blonde and Now Smell This for their take on Best Winter Perfumes 2017.

Musette sez:  This is a SUCKY Winter for me.  Winter sucks in general but this one is rough.  You’d think I would be wearing comfort scents but to be honest, I don’t have any!  I mean, the ones I consider ‘comfort’  read as OMG!  RUUNNNN! to a lot of others.  March stole Mitsouko for this post and y’all already know about my obsessive love for vintage No5 (and contemporary No5 body cream) – so I’mo shake it up a bit.  I’ve been testing a new perfume line, Quartana – and I am going to review it a bit down the road – but let me just say, I am madly in love with Digitalis.  How could I not, right?  Poisonous as hell – but beneficial, too!  I love that.  And galbanum-based, with a Scary Wet Leaf Accord, it smells viciously divine!