THE SCENTED APPRENTICE:  Digitalis Review, The Best Aquatic Fragrance Ever Created?

THE SCENTED APPRENTICE: Digitalis Review, The Best Aquatic Fragrance Ever Created?

October 25, 2016

Digitalis, the best Aquatic fragrance ever created?

Parfums Quartana Digitalis is a rush of the deep blue sea, crisp, frigid, howling air, gentle, soothing florals. summery, dewy basil and spring vegetal notes, done to absolute perfection!

I get a watery, vegetal , crispy, cold, with a touch of green cucumber, embraces a salty, wavy, chilled, blue, ozonic notes, and a full bodied, simple, dewy violet leaf.

Then a puffy, protruding. plentiful, with a touch of green iris, stands behind a spiced, herbaceous, bitterness, slightly woods coriander, and a peppery, minty, aromatic basil.

I get the Cucumber, Iris, Ozonic Notes, Violet Leaf, Coriander and Basil, it opens up with a fresh, bright cucumber, and a blue, watery ozonic notes, the cucumber is mild, the ozonic notes are strong.

After thirty minutes the cucumber dissipates, the ozonic notes soften, in come a slightly metallic, plush violet leaf, and a dusty powdery iris, the violet leaf is strong, the iris is mild.

After five hours the ozonic notes and iris dissipate, the violet leaf softens, in comes a sweet, grainy coriander, and a fresh, green basil, the coriander and basil are mild.

Digitalis is a very clean, oceanic, not serious, herbal, easy going, cooling, relaxing, spicy and white floral nuances, fresh, green unisex, Aromatic Green fragrance.

This would be wonderful in the Spring and Summer, I get average projection and average longevity, this is an amazing fragrance from Joseph Quartana of Parfums Quartana. 5/5 Stars.

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