November 02, 2016

"Parfums Quartana Hemlock is daring, bizarre, and pushes boundaries as to what niche fragrances could be, and brings it to a whole new level."

There are a few things I have always respected about the niche fragrance market, they dare to be different, are usually tasteful, and they create fragrances that the mass market will most likely never experience.

Hemlock is one of those fragrances, it's so odd, that I despise it, yet I'm finding myself drawn to it, I'm smelling myself every few minutes to see what note unfolds next.

Parfums Quartana as a house Is the niche houses of niche houses, they have a few masterpieces including Digitalis and Mandrake, some are subpar, but you cannot deny the creativity behind this house and fragrances.

I get a musical, cardboard, turpentine, plastic, heavy metal vinyl, that dampens a sweet, complex, with a tinge of molasses smelling rum, and a grassy, springtime, watery green leaves.

Then a sugary, slightly animalic, with a hue of white, and a touch of green jasmine sambac, grows beneath a milky, sea salted, ripe vanilla, and a resinous, balmy, vanilla tinged benzoin.

I get the Vinyl, Jamine Sambac, Green Leaves, Vanilla, Benzoin and Rum, it opens up with a boozy, woody rum, and a waxy, black vinyl, the rum is soft, the vinyl is mild.

After twenty minutes the rum and vinyl dissipate, In comes a vegetal, green, green leaves, and a sweet, fleshy jasmine sambac, the green leaves are strong, the jasmine sambac is mild.

After five hours the jasmine sambac dissipates, the green leaves soften, in comes a salty, creamy vanilla, and a nutty, thick benzoin, the vanilla and benzoin are mild.

Hemlock is a very unique, strange, white florals, slightly musky and earthy, spicy and leather nuances, a touch of woodiness, unisex, Woody Spicy fragrance.

This would be great for the Fall and Winter, I get average projection and average longevity, Hemlock is an interesting offering from Parfums Quartana, Joseph, 3/5 Stars.