THE SCENTED APPRENTICE: Lily of the Valley Review

November 06, 2016

If you would have asked me a few years ago to even entertain the thought of wearing a white floral fragrance I probably would have given you some sarcastic comment such as, not unless I'm working in a funeral parlor or did I change my name to Amanda?

In other words, I felt they were too feminine or resembled a funeral homes floral arrangements, at the time I wasn't really reviewing many female fragrances until I started sampling and falling in love with them.

The one fragrance that changed my thoughts completely and ignorance to a degree, was Robert Piguet's Gardenia, a heartbreakingly beautiful white floral masterpiece.

I get a light, soured, fresh, loving, with a touch of green neroli, that brightens up a green nuanced, sparkling, slightly sweet lily of the valley, and a somber, refreshing, dewy jasmine.

Then a milky, sweetened, very smooth, glossy, shimmering vanilla, and a blackened, brand new, aromatic, jacket leather, and a stubborn, delicate floral tinged sandalwood.

I get the Neroli, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Vanilla, Leather and Sandalwood. it open up with a bitter, citric neroli, and a clean, bright lily of the valley, the neroli is mild, the lily of the valley is strong.

After thirty minutes the neroli dissipates. the lily of the valley softens, in comes a fresh, slightly sweet jasmine, and a creamy, silky vanilla, the jasmine is mild, the vanilla is soft.

After four hours the neroli and vanilla dissipate, the jasmine softens, in comes a pungent, dark leather, and a milky, rich sandalwood, the leather and sandalwood are mild.

Lily of the Valley is a very soft, very appealing, pretty white floral, a touch of sweetness, citrusy, watery, woodiness, unisex. is leans more feminine Floral fragrance.

This would be lovely in the Fall and Winter, I get average projection and average longevity, this is a wonderful white floral fragrance from Joseph Parfums Quartana, 4/5 Stars.