October 27, 2016

Parfums Quartana Mandrake (Sample) New (Review) this is classified as a Leather, the notes are Patchouli, Rhubarb, Birch Leaf, Apple, Pomegranate, Birch, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Cardamom and Suede.

Parfums Quartana Mandrake is all of your favorite nostalgic childhood sugary snacks such as Fruit-Roll-Ups, Starbursts and Candy Apples all wrapped up in one, but it's not as sweet as it may seem.

It does have a smooth Sandalwood, a slight touch of a smoky, earthy Patchouli and a pungent Suede Leather to tone it down, and bring it back down to earth.

I get a soured, bleeding, running, with a touch of watery celery rhubarb that singes a crispy, simple, with a slightly green undertone, and a red, juicy, dripping pomegranate.

Then a subtle, tasteful, wasted, withered, with a touch of sweetness vanilla, barely touches a milky, refined, simple, green nuanced sandalwood, and a sugary, spiced, dusted cardamom.

I get the Rhubarb, Sandalwood, Pomegranate, Apple, Vanilla and Cardamom, It opens up with a tart, sweet apple, and a fresh, sour rhubarb. the apple and rhubarb are strong.

After thirty minutes the apple dissipates, the rhubarb softens, in comes a tangy, sugary pomegranate, and a dry, wilted vanilla, the pomegranate is mild, the vanilla is soft.

After five hours the vanilla and rhubarb dissipate, the pomegranate softens, in comes a warm, creamy sandalwood, and a sweet, resinous cardamom, the sandalwood and cardamom are mild.

Mandrake is a very strong, glistening, fruity, cheerful, airy, leathery and spicy nuances, smooth, woodiness, mature, balmy, dark yet bright, unisex Leather fragrance.

This can be worm all year 'round, I get average projection and average longevity, this is a Parfums Quartana masterpiece, love it, Joseph Quartana, 5/5 Stars.