THE SCENTED APPRENTICE: Parfums Quartana Bloodflower EDP Review

October 06, 2016

Parfums Quartana Bloodflower EDP (Sample) New (Review) this is classified as an Oriental Vanilla, the notes are Licorice, Rose, Anise, Amber, Orris, Clover and Patchouli.

"Never fade, never die you give me flowers of love always fade
always die, I let fall flowers of blood" The Cure Bloodflowers (2000)

"My mind is playing tricks on me"

Parfums Quartana is a new Niche house that came bursting on the fragrance scene this year in 2016, the owner is Joseph Quartana, he has nine fragrances in his catalog.

They are Bloodflower, Wolfsbane, Venetian Belledonna, Mandrake, Midnight Datura, Lily of the Valley, Hemlock, Digitalis and last but certainly not least, Poppy Soma, all of which I will be reviewing in the coming months.

Bloodflower is a fragrance that is not for everybody, the opening is very pretty and pleasant with some supple licorice and anise, followed by a gentle rose and a wonderful patchouli.

Around the third hour it starts to smell like metal, roses and blood, with a slight sweetness, very reminiscent of Imaginary Authors Bulls Blood, not for the faint of heart, the name Bloodflower certainly speaks for itself.

Oddly enough it does not bother me or turn me off, would I wear this to work or outside the house? absolutely not, but I would wear It when I'm alone in my home, watching TV or reading a book.

I did not expect the fragrance to change so drastically or smell like that at all, I hate using this term but this is a niche type or quality fragrance, this is NOT something you would see crafted by Tom Ford or Prada.

I get a soured, blackened, dripping with a touch of sweetness licorice, that tempers a slightly green, rich, seeded, anise, and a dewy, citric tinged, fresh rose.

Then a milky, earthy, resinous, ripened, chaotic, vanilla tinged amber, presses down a rising, dingy, dank, greasy patchouli, and a starchy, subtle, listless orris.

I get the Licorice, Anise, Rose, Amber, Orris and Patchouli, it opens up with a dark, bitter licorice and a aromatic, herbal anise, the licorice is strong, the anise is soft.

After twenty minutes the anise dissipates, the licorice softens, in comes a moist, blossoming rose, and a green, grassy patchouli, the rose is strong, the patchouli is soft.

After five hours the licorice and patchouli dissipate, the rose softens, in comes a creamy, resinous amber, and a slightly bitter, powdery orris, the amber is mild, the orris is soft.

Bloodflower is a very smooth, dark, unique, risky, bloody, slightly metallic florals, spicy, vanilla and citric nuances, a touch sour, unisex, Oriental Vanilla fragrance.

This could be worn all year 'round, I get average projection and average longevity, this was my first taste into the Parfums Quartana house, it was a good one, 3.5/5 Stars.

You can purchase Parfums Quartana Bloodflower in a nine 2ML sample $6.00, 2ML sample discovery pack for $56.00 and a 50ML EDP for $145.00 on