THE SCENTED APPRENTICE:  Parfums Quartana Midnight Datura EDP Review

THE SCENTED APPRENTICE: Parfums Quartana Midnight Datura EDP Review

October 11, 2016

"Parfums Quartana Midnight Datura is a wonderful, green, citrus, white floral, spicy fragrance"

I get a aromatic, fresh, grassy, vegetal, ripped from the tree, green leaves that sinks into a astringent, citric, decadent mandarin orange, and a heady, narcotic, foamy tuberose.

Then a subtle, arrogant, posh, with a touch of sweetness jasmine, barely touches a tepid, spiced, slightly medicinal clove, and a vanilla tinged, balmy, delectable amber.

I get the Green Leaf, Mandarin Orange, Tuberose, Jasmine, Amber and Clove, it opens up with a bright, green, green notes and a ripe, juicy mandarin orange, the green notes are strong, the mandarin orange Is mild.

After twenty minutes the mandarin orange dissipates, the green notes soften, in comes a fresh, fleshy tuberose, and a creamy, slightly spicy jasmine, the tuberose is strong, the jasmine is soft.

After four hours the green notes and jasmine dissipate, the tuberose softens, in comes a warm, woody clove, and a resinous, nutty amber, the clove is mild, the amber is soft.

Midnight Datura is a very soft, airy, bright, white florals, nicely spiced, citric, earthy, woodiness, musky nuances, unisex, it leans more feminine, Floral fragrance.

This can be worn all year 'round, I get average projection and good longevity, this is an excellent fragrance from Joseph Quartana of Parfums Quartana, very nice, 4/5 Stars.