November 07, 2016

This is my ninth and final review from the Parfums Quartana House until they release something new in the near future, It was a mind blowing, amazing experience to say the least!

Sometimes when you review a full line of fragrances from a house, and you read the notes off, you pretty much know what to expect, and always hope for the best.

Parfums Quartana as a whole is very unique, I have not smelled fragrances quite like this in years, maybe ever, in order for you to understand this house you have to sample them out for yourself.

I can only convey to my readers what I smell, but even that doesn't really do them justice, each one of these fragrances has a twist, turn and an edge, which I was not expecting at all.

Out of the nine fragrances, I felt that Mandrake and Digitalis where absolute masterpieces which I will eventually have in my collection, and Wolfsbane was wonderful also.

The other six, Hemlock, Lily of the Valley, Bloodflower, Venetian Belladonna, Poppy Soma and Midnight Datura ranged from good to average at best, and some were verging on unwearable.

I get a woody, soothing, with a touch of vanilla styrax, that hovers over a black, burning, puff of Sichuan pepper, and a powerful, fresh, green jasmine sambac.

Then a milky, billowy, airy, intoxicating, with a touch of vegetal smelling gardenia, brushes over a leather tinged, amber nuanced labdanum, and a smooth, pungent, aromatic musk.

I get the Styrax, Sichuan Pepper, Musk, Jasmine Sambac, Labdanum and Gardenia, it opens up with a thick, resinous styrax, and a hot, spiced Sichuan pepper, the styrax is strong, the Sichuan pepper is mild.

After ten minutes the Sichuan pepper dissipates, the styrax softens, in comes a sweet, narcotic jasmine sambac, and a creamy, fleshy gardenia, the jasmine sambac is strong, the gardenia is soft.

After five hours the styrax and gardenia dissipate, the jasmine softens, in comes a aromatic, plush labdanum and a ripe, grey musk, the labdanum is soft, the musk is mild.

Poppy Soma is a very strong, mature, vintage yet modern feel, deep white florals, amber nuances, spiced, unisex, it leans more feminine, Oriental Floral fragrance.

This would be excellent for the Fall and Winter, I get average projection and average longevity, this is a nice offering from Joseph Quartana of Parfums Quartana, 3/5 Stars.