Boris Bidjan-Saberi, Designer

Throughout the years, Boris Bidjan Saberi’s work has grown into a luxury menswear label, reflecting Saberi’s personal and experimental take on handcrafted clothing.

In 2007 Saberi launched his eponymous label, establishing his atelier in a place that fully represents the designer’s complex philosophy.  In the mystic frame of Monistrol – a final destination for pilgrims and nomads – Saberi settles his first headquarter, later transferred in Barcelona.  Monistrol and the current atelier stand for the geographical exemplifications of a secular spirituality, as in these industrial archaeology sites Boris develops the outlines of his metropolitan religion as well as the fortress of his contemporary warriors.

Following the inception of the brand, Boris Bidjan Saberi began participating in the official Paris Fashion Week calendar where he nowadays presents his collections.  Quoting street and skate culture as one of its main influences, the label increased a more and more distinctive attention for functional qualities, whilst maintaining a strong connection to urban roots.

The designer rapidly matures a rich clothing language through the celebration of his innate heritage between European and Middle-Eastern culture.  It is therefore the burst of an instinctive primitiveness in which raw materials and accurate tailoring fuse together.

Saberi’s compositional mood include layering of fabrics and edgy cuts expressed through a monochromatic color palette.  The main focus of Saberi’s aesthetics is always the human body, to be empowered and protected as if covered by additional armors.  Recreated, remolded and rearranged in a de-structured style, in Saberi’s perspective the human silhouette blends floating shapes with rigid geometries.  Nonetheless, organic materials such as felt and cotton coexist in the skillful administration of inorganic elements like vinyl and tar.  Yet this would be nothing without considering the designer’s main concern.  In order to achieve the highest degree of experimentation, Saberi invents innovative approaches to process BBS’s items, conferring his design the touch of an authentic alchemist.  Among the designer’s most exclusive creations, transparent leather painted with blood.  Once again original cuts and shapes meet primary elements : Boris Bidjan Saberi’s are not simple garments, they turn out to be real forms of life experience.

The Boris Bidjan Saberi brand prides itself in paying attention to handcrafted details and in working with inexhaustible passion.

Boris Bidjan-Saberi for Six Scents
$125 USD