Calice Becker, Perfumer

In 1985, Calice began her training to become a perfumer in the laboratories of Roure in Grasse, France.  There she was able to develop her sense of smell and her knowledge of the hundreds of ingredients used to create a perfume.  In 1991, Roure merged with Givaudan and created Givaudan Roure.  In 1994, Calice moved to Quest Paris to join the fine fragrance perfumery team there.  As Quest's United States business began to blossom, she moved to New York in 1997 and finally joined Givaudan in 2007.

Some of Calice's notable fragrances include:  Tom Ford 'Mandarino di Amalfi', Marc Jacobs 'Lola', By Killian 'Playing With The Devil', Dior 'J'Adore', Yves Saint Laurent 'Caftan', Calvin Klein 'Secret Obsession'
Calice Becker for Six Scents