Christelle Laprade, Perfumer

Christelle was born in the south of France, where the warm and vibrant scents of the “garrigue” meet the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea.  A childhood spent in the landscapes painted by Paul Cezanne imprinted her memory with the bold colors of it’s rough nature, and instilled in her a passion for pleasant odors.  She is currently working in the Symrise New York Studio ; the city’s eclectic styles and exuberant energy fuel her creativity now.  Though being away from her country makes her appreciate what she left behind and her creations combine both cultures.  For Christelle, a perfume is a second skin: It’s intimate, it touches the soul.  What fascinates her about her work is to be able to inspire emotions, imprint memories, and create ethereal beauty... 

Christelle's portfolio includes:  Henri Bendel 'Rose & Oud', Harajuku Lovers 'Wicked Style', Pinrose 'Merry Maker', Christian Siriano 'Silhouette', Fresh 'Memoirs of a Geisha', Victoria's Secret 'Angel Dream'
Christelle Laprade for Six Scents
$145 USD