Cosmic Wonder, Designer

Cosmic Wonder, initiated in 1997 by artist Yukinori Maeda, is a conceptual project composed of clothing, artwork, publishing and performance.  Cosmic Wonder has deepened its exploration of natural materials, working with a sustainable vision that looks both ahead and to the past. The process of infusing handicrafts with traditional Japanese techniques is a way of finding beauty in the continuity between the future and a past that we are at risk of losing. A collection of Kamikoromo, which is a handmade washi-paper robe made from the native kozo tree, was presented in 2015, along with a Kamino-hikarino-awa Water Ceremony.  As of late autumn 2015, Cosmic Wonder will be based in Miyama, a remote village in the mountains north of Kyoto. With its traditional thatched roof houses, the area is designated as a national preservation district of historic buildings.  The Center for Cosmic Wonder in Tokyo also functions as a gallery space for art and concerts and is a place where visitors can share the experience of an unusual space. Sheltered from the daily march of time, visitors here are free to drift along with the flow of sounds in the universe.
Cosmic Wonder for Six Scents