Giuliano Fujiwara, Designer

In 1986, designer Yoshiaki Fujiwara established giulianoFujiwara.  Stylishly refined yet rebelliously trendy, the brand took the Italian fashion world by storm and made a huge impact on international trends around the globe.  

Mature and simple in design, giulianoFujiwara places heavy emphasis on fabric texture and exquisite tailoring.  The brands aesthetic DNA allows for innovative combinations unseen before in the fashion circle. The clean cut tailoring, sought after by many fashionistas, shows subtle yet surprising creativity and gives the philosophy of mixing and matching a brand new definition.  

The maintenance of a balanced elegance in a hectic city is a core concept embraced by giulianoFujiwara.  Not adhering to formality yet insistent on details and innovation, giulianoFujiwara provides its customers with all the clothing and apparel needs.
Giuliano Fujiwara for Six Scents
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