Joachim Correll, Perfumer

Joachim has been a perfumer for 31 years.  He was born in Holzminden, Germany, and now lives in São Paolo, Brazil.  Very early on he was fascinated about chemistry and scents.  After his high school, he became a perfumer trainee.  During his career he worked and lived at different places in the world like South America, Europe, Asia, and the USA.  His long standing passion for Latin America is undeniable an reflects in his body of work.   He returned to Brazil in 2002 after a 3 year stay in New York, where he got to know different cultures.  Joachim loves to work in different fragrance areas, like fine fragrance, personal care, and home care.  His inspirations come from different sides, influenced by cultures and the diversity of art-forms.  

Correll's portfolio includes: Avon 'Amore & Vida', Avon 'Luiza Brunet', CP 'Stefano', Cyzone 'Moving', Ebel 'Brises De Vie Aqua', Natura 'Biografia', Natura 'Pomar De Lima', Natura 'Cha Verde', O Boticário 'Aqua Fresca', O Boticário 'Uomini Sport', O Boticário 'Portinari', O Boticário 'Quasar Fire', and Victoria's Secret 'Passionate Kisses'


Joachim Correll for Six Scents