Lucas Sieuzac, Perfumer

Lucas decided to become a perfumer at the age of 18, when he realized the greatest accomplishment one could have in life is to create beauty through the senses.  Perfumery allowed him to pursue this dream and he joined Florasynth in 1994, then Creations Aromatiques in 1998.  An artist in many ways, for example he is also a composer of electronic music, his creative process is to re-write the classic approach of raw materials, blending them with high tech materials; the result is academic yet avant-garde.  His signature is to highlight the duality of his composition's materials, attracting and responding to each other in the process.

Some of Lucas's notable fragrances include:  Givenchy 'Play', Salvatore Ferragamo 'Bianco di Carrara', Jilsander 'Style Summer', Armani 'Emporio Armani Night', Davidoff 'The Game', Chopard 'Noble Vetiver', Trussardi 'A Way for Her'
Lucas Sieuzac for Six Scents