N. Hoolywood, Designer

Daisuke Obana was born January 28, 1974 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.   After dropping out of a career college, he worked as both a buyer and shop manager for a vintage clothing store.  In 1995, he joined in launching the vintage speciality store "Go-Getter", where his selections of design-conscious clothes from the '70s and 80s began countless modern fashion movements.  In 1999, in reaction to people's view of the value in vintage items being based solely on good condition and old age, he worked to change this viewpoint by selling original and re-worked items from the corner of the shop.   In 2000, he launched N. Hoolywood and opened its flagship store "Mister Hollywood" in December.  In 2002, N. Hoolywood presented its first runway collection, using a nightclub as venue.  Ever since, it has been rising toward becoming a world-renowned fashion brand.  Daisuke's designs are based off of a particular theme.  His debut theme was reclamation based on re-use of of secondhand clothes.  Subsequent themes have included the 1960s, Apollo 11, activists, and Alaskan culture, with all of them inspired by American culture.  N. Hoolywood's overall concept is to take old things, add to them, and create something truly different.  He began showing his collection in New York city from his Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

N. Hoolywood for Six Scents
$125 USD