Nathalie Benareau, Perfumer

Nathalie began her career in 1999 as an organic chemist at Firmenich in Geneva.  After moving to the US, she chose to follow her true passion, perfumery, and began training as a perfumer’s assistant at Intarome.  She continued her classical training at Manheimer and became a perfumer in 2006, working mostly on air care and personal care. At Manheimer she fell in love with natural raw materials and became an expert in developing natural and organic fragrances.  She has been a perfumer at Symrise since November 2008, and joined the New York Fine Fragrance team in August 2011.  Nathalie draws inspiration from her numerous travels and multi-cultural background.  She grew up in France near the Alps, which she still visits every year to snowboard and indulge in French cuisine and culture.  Most of her childhood summers were spent with her mother’s family in La Rioja, the famous Spanish wine region.  La Rioja’s diverse landscape and untouched beauty fueled her interest in creating scents. She also has a passion for everything flamenco and has studied cante, music and dance for many years.  Nathalie holds a Master’s degree in chemistry and chemical Engineering from the National Engineering School of Chemistry in Toulouse. 

Some of Nathalie's notable fragrances include:  Pinrose 'Ballroom Philosopher', Laura Mercier 'Amber Passion Elixir', Pour Le Monde 'Envision', Wholeearth 'No. 7', Victoria's Secret 'Merry Merry Pink', Phlur 'Hanami' 
Nathalie Benareau for Six Scents