Philippe Roques, Perfumer

Philippe graduated as a pharmacist before joining L'Oreal as a fragrance analyst.  In 2000, he joined Symrise.   For Philippe, as a virtuoso pianist in classical and contemporary music, creating fragrances is playing with simple accords as well as interpreting them in a "theme and variations" way.  He particularly enjoys oriental notes and loves working with woody notes.  Born in France but with British roots, he has maintained strong cross-channel links.  This enables him to have a deep understanding of both cultures and an appetite for traveling.  Philippe enjoys urban environments and their energy.  He moved over to Symrise's Creative Studio in 2007.

Phillipe's portfolio includes:  Adidas Originals 'Jeremy Scott', Oriflame 'Visions V Joy Ride', Burberry 'Summer for Women', Byblos 'Blu Happy Hour', Coty 'L'Aimant Caresse d'Orchidée'
Philippe Roques for Six Scents

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