The Characters collection is a character study but within the context of perfume. With each fragrance, physical, psychological, and symbolic human attributes are assigned to each note to slowly reveal a vivid but fictional character imagined by six cutting-edge fashion designers in collaboration with six celebrated perfumers.  

Designer visions by:  Boris Bidjan-Saberi, Giuliano Fujiwara, K.T.Z., Raphael Young, VPL, and VAVE Shoe Repair.

Perfumer compositions by:  Shyamala Maisondeau, Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Guillaume Flavigny, Calice Becker, Marypierre Julien, and Nadege LeGarlantezec.

Original artwork by AG11.

A portion of sales proceeds goes to War Child, to benefit orphans affected by war around the world.

These items were only produced as samples and never offered in the world market.  The few we have left are incredibly rare, but will be released in the future.