V Avenue Shoe Repair, Designer

"A rhythm between space, architecture and sculptures, like the irregular, flowing idion of the baroque era.  Minimalistic exploration of materials in a non-figurative expresion."  Founded in 2004 in Stockholm, by couple Astrid Olsson and Lee Cotter, V Ave Shoe Repair has grown in to an international brand represented in 20 countries with 4 stand alone stores.  The very first collection started out as a small women's line of delicate experiments in draped jersey.  By 2006, VASR was awarded Newcoming Designer of the Year by men's magazine Cafe for the first men's line launched in Autumn 2006.  In 2007 the duo was awarded Designer of the Year by Swedish fashion organization Habit and in 2009, honored as Designer of the Year by Swedish ELLE.  

The silhouette consists of ready-to-wear and unique pieces, handmade in the aterlier, under supervision of Astrid.  The atelier creates the heart of the VASR process - a process inspired by moments and objects from an undefined past, brought to life in our Stockholm atelier, situated in an old brewery building dating back to the 1840s.  Draping on the mannequin, the traditional way, will always constitute the most important element of who we are, together with the love of fabrics, attention to detail and deep respect for our great heritage.

V Avenue Shoe Repair for Six Scents