Yann Vasnier, Perfumer

French born Yann Vasnier graduated from ISIPCA as a valedictorian in 1999.  Upon graduation, Quest International in Paris offered Yann a position to be part of the fine fragrance team as a perfume junior.  After receiving the International Young Perfumer Award in July 2003, Yann worked at Quest in Manhattan as a perfumer before joining Givaudan in 2007.

Some of Yann's notable past work includes:  Tom Ford 'Velvet Orchid', Marc Jacobs 'Bang', Marc Jacobs 'Lola', Comme des Garçons 'Red Series Palissander', Comme des Garçons 'Red Series Rose', Keiko Mecheri 'Gourmandises', Le Labo 'Aldehyde 44', Cerutti 'Cerutti 1881', Donna Karan 'Gold', 
Yann Vasnier for Six Scents
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