WINNER - 2017 Fragrance Foundation Parfum Extraordinaire of the Year Award

Best of 2016 Lists in Fragrantica, Persefume, Das Duft Tagebuch, and Brooklyn Fragrance Lover

"File this under the most badass fragrance line in history."InStyle

"Each of the collection's nine scents is inspired by a poisonous flower, making for a complex, intoxicating elixir of accords unlike anything else on the market. That most of the namesake botanicals have a treacherous history or legend attached — think murders, rituals, coups — only makes them more seductive." — Hint Mag

"His newest aromas crackle with avant-garde alchemy, black magic, olfactive synergies and miasmatic majesty." — VIVISXN

"What we found most curious was the seamless fusion of modernity and esoterism behind each elixir – all pleasantly, and at times, alarmingly intoxicating." — Superfuture

"Digitalis, the best Aquatic fragrance ever created?" — The Scented Apprentice

"We have not seen such deliberate planning, purposeful composition, and meticulous execution as we have seen with Les Potions Fatales. The nine eau de parfums tell separate, idiosyncratic stories that trace the etymology of each deadly flower, whether real or mythical, for which we would hate to see an antidote." — StyleZeitgeist

"One of the coolest origin stories around: The catalyst for these new parfums was a Breaking Bad episode (particularly the one in which Walter White makes poison using the Lily of the Valley flower)." — Yahoo Beauty

"Behind the fatal potions are the shadows of Joseph’s homme and femme fatales, the caliginous souls he wants us to offer ourselves up to, drowning in their olfactive games of oblivion." Ca Fleure Bon

"I think this is a collection which should be sought out by those who enjoy something different in their perfume." — Colognoisseur

"The perfume Venetian Belladonna alone could substitute the rest of Les Potions Fatales, because its smell perfectly captures the meaning of the collection's name: floral fruity sweet, mesmerizing and inviting in a smarmy way. You're trapped and smitten by its tenderness, although you already hear how its lulling purring is turning into a hungry, anticipating growling. But you are not afraid, you are bewitched with desire and live in a delirium."Fragrantica