What the critics are saying about Six Scents...

What the critics are saying about Six Scents...

“The initiative goes beyond that of just fashion and scent.  It’s about uniting perfumers and designers and creating a sort of social commentary on modern perspectives on creativity and culture.” - Elle Magazine

“Green optimism in a bottle isn’t the average fragrance tagline, but then the Six Scents series have never been average fragrances” - Vogue UK

“Strange but necessary if you are a collector of rare fragrances.” - Vogue France

“...the project was a welcome chance to take a break from the constraints of creating a fragrance with mass appeal” - The Wall Street Journal 

“A great take on classic cologne” - Esquire

“The names have changed but the goal has remained the same” - Style.com

“Six Scents reflects the latest in modern culture” - British GQ

“Designer perfumes that are worth the wait” - Nylon

“From woody musky scents to floral fresh, Six Scents has a fragrance for everyone, so make a difference and smell good today” - I.D. Magazine

“Eau my” - W Magazine

“The artist award goes to Six Scents, an eclectic collective of fashion designers like Damir Doma and Mary Katrantzou, who, with the help of professional perfumers, created original and delirious blends of aromatic fancy” - NY Times Style Section

“Six Scents that will make you salivate” - Refinery 29

“In a market saturated with largely homogeneous designer fragrances, the scents are, quite frankly, a welcome breath of fresh air” - Glass Magazine UK

“The coveted Six Scents parfum collection” - Gotham Magazine

"Philanthropy gets fragrant with Six Scents” - Conde Nast Traveler

“Creative Juices: The results are shockingly wearable” - V Magazine